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Stage Pyrotechnics and Indoor Fireworks can be used to enhance key moments in a concert or event where maximum impact is required even though only small safety distances exist between the pyrotechnics and the spectators or performers. We only use ultra reliable indoor fireworks that are handmade in the UK.

These indoor fireworks and stage pyrotechnics are highly specialist products manufactured, rigged and fired to the very highest standards. We use both wired and more increasingly wireless launchers meaning pyrotechnic devices can be set in remote locations or placed hours before the display with no trailing wires in the way. Then at the push of a button, the room lights up!

Indoor Pyrotechnics are a great way of adding extra impact and sparkle to many firework events where larger traditional fireworks are simply not an option. We provide indoor ice fountains (a bit like a roman candle showering sparks upwards), waterfall curtains (a shower of sparks cascading down from the ceiling) or special stage effects (CO2 cannons, flame effects etc).

Indoor shows require more planning than other displays however our professional technicians will create a safe, breathtaking effect which illuminates the entire room.