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Bristol Fireworks began life in 2001 as Fountain Fireworks. Due to our love of fireworks, we started as a not for profit organisation supporting local charities by conducting fundraising displays. As the years rolled by and our popularity and experience grew, the company turned professional and ultimately Bristol Fireworks was born. In 2017 an exciting new management team took over with the view of making Bristol Fireworks the premier event effects company in the south west.

A lot of our displays are now for birthdays, weddings, corporate shows and most notably, bonfire night! We now carry out firework displays all over the UK and our work has taken us as far as Kissimmee in Florida, the home of Disney in the United States of America!

Our shows can be customised to the smallest detail, from desired effects to colour themes. Offering the whole package from courtesy site safety checks, risk assessment, insurance, show design, preparation, firing and clean up. We use computer software to design our shows and even choreograph them to music. On the night, we use state of the art firework launch equipment to ensure maximum performance and most importantly safety. So you can rest assured Bristol Fireworks takes care of all things fireworks at your display.

All of our team members are fully trained either by our in-house display managers or through the British Pyrotechnics Association examinations. Our display teams undergo regular in house training, keeping them up to date with all the latest information available through the EIG (Explosives Industry Group) and all are First Aid trained. Our display managers are also members of the Institute of Explosives Engineers.

Whatever the occasion finish with a bang!

Operations Director
Engineering Director